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MM2H Procedure or Process | Guidelines living in Malaysia

Our 3-Step MM2H Procedure or Process for Making an Application for the Program

The entire MM2H procedure or process has been divided into 3 steps for your convenience. Just follow the same to make an application:

Step 1: Send us the following documents:

  • 4 passport size photographs (color) of all the applicants
  • Copy of the entire Passport booklet of all the applicants with certification on pages where personal particulars are given
  • Marriage certificate for application by married couples
  • Birth certificate of children
  • Letter of Confirmation by General Practitioner or Medical Specialist if application is made for differently-abled children above 21 years
  • Certificate of adoption for adopted children or certification for adopted children when applying for them too
  • Proof of monthly income including retirement/pension benefits, rental receipt of owned property, certified remuneration voucher along with verification from your employer, company’s remuneration and any other source of income
  • Resume in details of the main applicants
  • Covering letter with details about- personal background and your intention for joining the program, people accompanying you for the program, explanation about your financial capabilities to sustain your stay in Malaysia, a note about the financial criteria you want to use- monthly off-shore income or Fixed Deposit for people above 50 years of age
  • Financial capability- documents like bank savings statement, deposit certificate and any other off-shore deposits to meet the fixed deposit requirement of RM 150,000 or RM 300,000
  • Authorization from the applicant to MM2H to check the financial documents with the listed financial institutions
  • Letter of good conduct from concerned government agency
  • Ministry of Tourism Application Form along with the email
  • Application Form of our company attached with the email
  • Download and print application form from our site

Step 2: We will take care of the registration process given below:

  • We will send you a confirmation upon receiving your documents to let you know that it is in order
  • We will complete Form IM 12 from The Immigration Department for every applicant and inform you on completion
  • You need to make an initial payment of RM 2,500 by telegraphic transfer or online payment transfer to us. Contact us for our Malaysian bank account details
  • Once you complete the payment, we will submit your application to the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Once we get an acknowledgement from the immigration department, we will send you a confirmation

Step 3: Upon Approval, We Will Do the Following

  • Once your application is approved, we will send you the confirmation letter from the Immigration Department with which you need to apply for Visa. However, if your application gets rejected for any reason, we will make an appeal. Even after doing this, your application gets rejected, we will refund your money after deducting RM 800 as processing fee
  • Once you have arrived in Malaysia to endorse passports with the Immigration Department, we will help you in opening a fixed account deposit, get medical insurance and medical checkup if required
  • Along with all the documents we will come with you to the Immigration Department for endorsement
  • You need to pay us our complete fee by this time. Get in touch with us for details
  • We would also offer you assistance with buying housing property, office space, vehicle, obtaining a temporary or permanent maid along with other friendly tips to live in Malaysia

The entire 3-Step process that we provide will take upto 2 months to get done.


Please click to download the forms as per your requirements:

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"Eddie Teoh was extremely helpful in assisting us throughout our MM2H application. Our circumstances meant that we felt that we might face difficulties but Eddie provided sound advice and guidance - our application was processed and accepted without delay. Even after succeeding in our application we faced an unavoidable delay in relocating but Eddie worked closely with us to apply for an extension. At every stage he was supportive and went out of his way to help us. There is no doubt in our mind that without his assistance we would not have found the process so easy."

David Haggett